News from the ROI world

Morrisette has automated packaging covered

Automating the packaging process with specialized machinery by Morrisette Packaging offers a slew of benefits in terms of consistency, accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Prontometal offers qualified tips for picking

When it comes to warehouse management, picking can be a tricky phase to maneuver, since there are various elements to consider when choosing between a manual, hybrid, or fully automated approach.

ICorp takes ASRS to the next level

Companies looking to level up their operations are taking advantage of Automated Storage and Retrieval systems (ASRS), a solution whose value is proven by staggering revenue growth worldwide in recent years.

ET Systems rolls out technological expertise for Grupo SESÉ

Spanish multinational logistics specialists, Grupo SESÉ, expanded its warehousing and distribution services in Amsterdam, reconfirming their partnership with ROI partner ET Systems, who provided the hub with an integrated motorized transport system for storage and dispatchment.

In addition, it has integrated weighing and volumetric measurement elements which is intercommunicated with the Grupo SESÉ ERP for bidirectional exchange of information (package received, dimensions, weight , validation, etc…).