News from the ROI world

Electric drivers streamline Advance conveyors

The patented SmartLine tote and carton conveyor systems are now equipped with all-electric transfers, diverts and roller switches.

SRSI earns Inductive Automation Gold Certification

A strong commitment to stringent standards and providing world-class automations solutions has allowed the Dallas-based ROI partner to become a Gold Certified Integrator.

MACH FTD guarantees secure and protected pallets

The new Technoplat 3000 automatically wraps pallets in-line, offering exceptional efficiency, safety and a user-friendly interface.

Collaboration in Italy

Two ROI partners from Italy LCS & MMS recently teamed up together with another Italian company called Pneumax to create an all-Italian supply chain, supplying a sortation solution.

The requirements were for customization, flexibility and affordability. Together they combined their core competencies to deliver the perfect solution to the end user.

The famous saying is that “four eyes are better than two”, which means that with six eyes, the quality of the end result will likely exceed expectations. In the fast-paced world we live in, ROI partners can rely on combining expertise in order to identify the very best solution for the end customer in terms of performance and investment required.