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Velati S.r.l.


Velati was born in 1867, starting as a company manufacturing grinders for the small and medium meat processors. Along the years the company has grown and developed a wide range of machines for meat processing, so that it is today present on the national and international markets as a very reliable producer of complete lines for processing salami, mortadella, wurstel and hamburgers. Thanks to its dedication to continuous development and innovation, Velati is now able to design complex projects that include not only production lines, but also all food processes where it is possible to control and monitor the complete food chain from the beginning to the end. Weighing equipment, product traceability tools, recipe formulation, full automatic control systems are some of the innovation performed by Velati in the last ten years.


WHY OPT FOR “Rolling On Interroll”?

The Velati philosophy has always been linked to the extreme care for the final product. For this reason, its machines are designed with great attention to every single detail. This also holds true for the selection of crucial components, such as the Interroll drum motor as key drive mechanism, as they are absolutely critical for the throughput and quality of Velati systems.