Langfang Kedle

Langfang Kedle Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is a storage equipment manufacturer in the Gu’an Industrial Zone, a strategic site located 50 kilometers south of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. The company was founded by domestic logistics experts, leveraging over 20 years of experience in the planning, design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of logistics storage equipment, such as automatic storage & retrieval systems (AS/RS), combined with the human and capital resources from Beijing.

Core members of the company started specializing in the research and application of modern logistics technologies in early 1990s; as the first veterans in the country to become involved in AS/RS systems, they have participated in the construction of more than 200 AS/RS installations. With leading technologies and sophisticated processes as its objective, Kedle is dedicated to providing customers with cutting-edge technology and reliable performance through its convenient and affordable logistics storage solutions.

Interroll Solutions
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dynamic storage

Interroll dynamic storage modules

for light goods and pallets (Pallet & Carton Flow)