News from the ROI world

Qimarox launches new logistic palletizer

The new Highrunner HR9 Logistic Palletizer was developed to automate the unloading and palletization of goods transported by container.

Southwest Warehouse Solutions demo shows how to roll out the goods

North American customers can now explore the automation potential of Interroll conveyors in the newly-installed demo in the showroom of Southwest Warehouse Solutions.

Master time and space with Eurofit

A ROI partner headquartered in Romania, Eurofit, relies on Interroll's Carton Flow Live Storage System to turn conventional shelves into high-density storage areas.



Qimarox est un des principaux fournisseurs indépendants de composants clés pour les systèmes de manutention. Parmi d'autres spécialités, en tant que fabricant de palettiseurs, d'ascenseurs à produits, d'ascenseurs à palettes, de filmeuses et de systèmes d'enceintes de protection, Qimarox se détache par la modernité de sa vision et de son approche. L'innovation, la qualité et la valeur ajoutée revêtent une importance primordiale.


TBWB delivers powerful concepts and systems for their customers’ intralogistics or production processes. Their “outside the box” approach ensures that customers will get the best concept and system for their specific organization, at the right price.
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