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We have designed Rolling On Interroll as an exclusive program for selected Interroll customers with whom a long-standing business relationship exists and where our products are truly missioncritical for the performance, throughput and availability of their machines or systems. We look for strong partners with a story to tell. Of success. Of innovation. Of growth.
Our aim is to create a climate where best practices can be shared so we can grow further by promoting synergy between ourselves.

Rolling On Interroll is a program that goes beyond efficiently driving your machines or conveying your customers' products, it is aimed at making all our partners profit from our strong brand, concrete benefits and an international community.

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How does Rolling On Interroll work?

The ambition of Rolling On Interroll is to make a strong statement for quality and leadership in our industry. We want to do this together with our partners aiming to raise the end users’ awareness of the quality of the components used in the design and the manufacture of machine or entire production lines and the resulting benefits that can be drawn in terms of productivity, operator safety and innovation. Rolling On Interroll is a quality label that our program partners will display on machines and systems that are built with Interroll key products, like drives and rollers that are critical for the availability and the throughput of their systems. It is a visual sign that a machine or conveyor line is powered by high-quality drive technology that will give the end user peace of mind.