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Koshiba System Service Co., Ltd


Koshiba (Koshiba System Service Co., Ltd) is a consulting and sales company in Japan, focused on logistics equipment and material handling – especially steel rack, electric pallet rack, pallet & carton flow rack for distribution warehouse.

In 2015, as one of our most recent achievements, we developed a new pallet pushback flow rack for one of our customers, a large logistics corporation in Japan, using INTERROLL’s Dynamic Flow Storage. Upon project completion, we received high appreciation from this customer who confirmed a significant improvement of storage efficiency. In close cooperation, we managed to obtain a utility model patent for this new rack in Japan.

With this successful installation, we now want to bring this racking solution to logistics companies in other industries, like food & beverage and especially for warehousing operations where, due to the quality of the carton boxes, stacking of 2 pallets on top of each other is not possible. Thanks to the specific benefits of this new flow rack solution, we see a lot of potential to improve the storage efficiency for our customers.

In close cooperation with INTERROLL, we are always striving to provide new solutions to storage problems for our customers.