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LMT Saturn S.r.l.


SADA has been working in the leather industry for over 40 years, alongside its clients every step of the way and with the overriding objective of improving its products. This has allowed the company to not only maintain its presence on the international leather market but also continue to meet this market's particular requirements. Continually developing its competitive, state-of-the-art solutions has enabled the firm to create a wide range of machines required by leather workshops, or anywhere leather goods are produced, no matter what type or quality of product is being made – from simple items to the big branded products that have made the MADE IN ITALY mark so prominent in the leather industry. SATURN-SFK has been working in the manufacturing industry since 2001. The company boasts a certified organisational structure that conforms to European regulations and standards, and aims to come up with fresh ideas without forgetting its origins, developing new patented products that meet international quality and safety measures in full to guarantee customer satisfaction.