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Every real partnership needs to be a win-win situation

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Mutual growth is the aim. The way we achieve this is by following two, just as important, routes. Sharing resources (co-marketing): giving our partners a global communications platform. Sharing knowledge (learning): by pooling our experiences in a strong community that fosters sustainable growth.

The Rolling On Interroll program has been designed for our partners, offering them new possibilities for differentiation.



Our selected partners have exclusive access to our marketing resources worldwide, not only in terms of available materials, like pictures, videos, etc. but also for consulting in specific marketing projects.


When you prepare advertising material using the Rolling On Interroll logo to support your quality claims, we will give you an instant cash kickback towards your investment. We will also supply you with fliers, expo material etc… free of charge.
We call it mutual endorsement.


You will be able to reach a customer base of our 23.000 plus customers through the Interroll Newsletter. You will be able to have ads and articles in our Moving magazine printed in over 15,000 copies. You will have a dedicated page of the Interroll Website promoting your business and even sharing your story with our large, international visitor base.


When you participate to trade shows and fairs we will be happy to provide you with our key products, such as rollers and drives, free of charge and a plaque to certify that your system runs on high-quality drive technology. Be seen with the best (and that goes for us too).


Like you, we constantly innovate our range and improve our existing products. Our selected partners can benefit from discovering what we have in the pipeline and anticipate change. These previews allow our selected partners to plan ahead and move faster than the competition.



You are not just our partners, you are partners with each other. Rolling On Interroll is a strong, international community and organizes “social” meetings so as to give you the opportunity to meet new business partners, generate new business, learn of opportunities which you may otherwise not have discovered.


The Japanese philosophy aimed at continuous improvement through change has inspired us and continues to help us improve our products, performance, results etc. We are benchmark partner of the Kaizen Institute in Germany and during exclusive seminars, our Kaizen managers can give you practical guidance on the implementation of this philosophy in your production processes.


Events aimed at learning from the experts. Trends-spotters, innovators, marketeers and other experts from various fields will be invited to share their knowledge and intuition with us.
The world belongs to those who never stop learning.

factory visits

Formula 1 is a sport where success depends on technical advancements, the search for perfection and the highest level of professional commitment. A shared ambition to excel in these fields has led to an agreement between Interroll and Team Sauber, one of the leading private teams in the F1 circuit. As we both strive to be at the apex of our respective fields it seemed natural for us to become Intralogistics Partner of the team. Not only are we proud to partner with the Sauber team, we also intend sharing their know-how with our selected partners in specially programmed factory visits. We like to think of these visits as a business accelerator.