La SRSI est fière de fournir des systèmes et des solutions technologiques fiables et clés en main à des clients de toute taille et de tout secteur dans le domaine de la logistique.

Starting from their initial consultative operational review, data-driven solutions for material conveyance/sortation, and software integration, to their Right Angle Fast Transfer (RAFT) AS/RS solution, the team delivers the most optimal solution for any situation or client budget.

The SRSI team, in partnership with their material handling manufacturing partners, drives them to design and deliver solutions for ultimate warehouse efficiency and optimization, maximum capacity, reduction in labor and overhead costs, and minimized warehouse carbon footprint. With their “Excellence in Execution” approach, they combine talented, experienced, and like-minded leaders to design AND deliver the optimal solutions for clients' material handling systems.

Interroll Solutions
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Modules de convoyage MCP Interroll

pour les marchandises légères (y compris les déviations, les transferts, etc.)