Conveyroll is a 100% Mexican company focused on the material handling systems market and specializing in sortation systems, including crossbelt sorters, shoe sorters, multi belt sorters and pushers installed in Mexico and Central America.

At the end of 2016, Conveyroll S.A. DE C.V. took a step forward within the integrated material handling systems sector (SORTATION, CROSSBELT, PICK & PASS AND REPLENISHMENT PROJECTS), which enabled them to become partner integrators with Interroll and Daifuku-Wynright-Automotion in 2017, positioning them as the world's seventh largest integrators in 2016, the only Latin American integrators to have achieved this ranking.

The integration of their authentically Mexican engineering in the initial phases of the project, together with their wealth of experience using CAD design and simulations, their employees' 25 years of market experience and the support of internationally renowned companies, such as Interroll and Wynright Automotion Daifuku, are all extremely promising indicators for the future of the material handling systems market in Latin America.

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